Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Army Pfc Jesse A. Gabbard

Remember Our Heroes

Army Pfc Jesse A. Gabbard, 20, Westville, Indiana.

Associated Press

WESTVILLE, Ind. — A soldier on a two-week leave home after returning from Iraq died in a northern Indiana crash when a pickup truck pulled into his car’s path, police said.

Army Pfc. Jesse A. Gabbard, 20, was pronounced dead at the scene of Tuesday’s crash on a LaPorte County road just north of Westville some 25 miles east of Gary.

LaPorte County Police said Gabbard’s car was struck on the driver’s side by a pickup driven by 70-year-old Robert Englehardt, who told police he failed to see Gabbard’s oncoming car when he pulled out from a stop sign. Englehardt was not injured.

Travis Gabbard, 27, said his brother returned home Saturday for a two-week leave after three months in Iraq. Since setting foot on Iraqi soil in December, he said his brother was primarily a mortarman and often served on the front lines.

He said his brother enlisted in the Army a year ago and left in November for Fort Carson, Colo., to prepare for duty in Iraq.

“We weren’t expecting him to die at home. We were more worried about him in Iraq,” Travis Gabbard said.

After arriving home Saturday, Jesse Gabbard spent much of his time with family and had gone bowling with an uncle. On Sunday, his family threw a homecoming party for him.

Army Pfc Jesse A. Gabbard died on 03/14/06.


Anonymous said...

Jesse you have always been a blessing to us all. You fulfilled your dream by doing what you loved to do most, which was to serve and protect your country. Thank you Jesse, you are greatly missed but we will see you soon one day in Heaven. I'm sure your doing the happy dance right now!!!!! We love you Jesse.
Your aunt,

Anonymous said...

Jesse i will always love you and forever.

you will always be in my heart, and the heart of all the other people you have touched.

i love you.

Anonymous said...

Jesse was a great guy and a great soldier.I still cant believe hes gone and the way he wen.I met Jesse in my first days of being at Carson and we hung out alot until we ships God Bless You my friend and your family

Anonymous said...

Jesse was my friend while I was at Carson and in Iraq. I couldn't believe it when they told us what happened while he was at home and to this day it still haunts me. He was someone that I cared about and considered a friend.

I still remember once, while we were at Carson, he was dating this girl that was just gorgeous. To this day I still cry when the song Jesse's Girl comes on the radio because I'm always reminded of him. I miss you buddy.

Unknown said...

Mmfwcl homes love and miss you brother happy b day