Saturday, March 11, 2006

Army Pfc Amy Duerksen

Remember Our Heroes

Army Pfc Amy Duerksen, 19, Jonesboro, Texas.

Slain soldier mourned amid protest

Pfc. Amy Duerksen was remembered as a soldier who lovered her country and championed its freedoms.

About 200 people attended Duerksen's funeral Friday at a church in Temple while more than 120 members of the Patriot Guard Riders, a motorcycle group, gathered outside to counter the protest of six members of the Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kan.

The Kansas protesters claim the deaths of soldiers in Iraq are divine punishment for America's toleration of homosexuals. The motorcycle riders try to shield families from the protesters.

Duerksen, 19, died March 11 in Iraq.

"The two themes of freedom and justice were colossal for her," the Rev. Shannon Soard said in remarks prepared for delivery at the service. Duerksen, Soard continued, "Had a kindness and gentleness for people that caused you to warm to her quickly. Warm smiles, encouraging words and affectionate hugs were the order of the day with Amy. She loved people, and they knew it"

Army Pfc Amy Duerksen was killed on 03/11/06.

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