Saturday, June 04, 2011

Army Sgt. Joshua D. Powell

Remember Our Heroes

Army Sgt. Joshua D. Powell, 28, of Quitman, Texas

Sgt Powell was assigned to 793rd Military Police Battalion, 3rd Maneuver Enhancement Brigade, Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska; died of wounds suffered June 4,2011 in Laghman province, Afghanistan, when insurgents attacked his unit with an improvised explosive device. Also killed were Sgt. Christopher R. Bell, Spc. Devin A. Snyder and Pfc. Robert L. Voakes Jr.

Sgt Powell graduated from Quitman High School in 2001. He joined the Army in May 2004. This was his fifth deployment, one he had volunteered for.

Uncle, Faron Petty said, "He loved harassing the kids and having fun with them...all the nieces and nephews and cousins and everybody as they were growing up. It's a really hard thing. We know that he's up there now saying not to worry about him and for us to pray for all of our family and to pray for the other men's families that lost their lives and the young lady's family. It's not a war that everyone wants, but it's something that we need. And, we're all real proud of Joshua."

"He loved his country and he loved what he was doing. We're very proud of him. We miss him so much and we wish we weren't bringing him
home this way," said his cousin, Shanna Hayes.

A lot of Joshua's family stayed close, living in three houses right next to each other. When he was on leave, he'd come home and hunt and fish their property, just like he did growing up. His family would like to think a part of him will always be there.

Amongst the people who paid their respects were members who served in Powell's platoon. Several traveled great distances, one even as far as Japan, to say goodbye to their friend and brother.

"When we were in Afghanistan we would have missions where we didn't need everyone to go, we'd take just a few people who wanted to go, his hand was probably always the first one to go up," said Travis Nicholson, Sgt. Powell's platoon leader.

"We never told each other hey man you're my best friend it wasn't like that we just both knew we didn't even have to ask I mean if I needed something he was there if he needed something he knew I'd be there," said Brandon Systo.

"He was like a big brother for me he always cared more about me than himself," said Systo."If I had known when I dropped him off that was the last time I was going to see him I probably would have said a bit more. I'm glad I knew him I'm glad I was his friend and I'm glad he was my friend so I wouldn't change it for anything in the world."

Sgt Powell is survived by his parents, Brenda and Ray Powell.

Army Sgt. Joshua D. Powell was killed in action on 6/4/11.

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