Saturday, September 30, 2006

Army Staff Sgt. Scott E. Nisely

Remember Our Heroes

Army Staff Sgt. Scott E. Nisely, 48, of Marshalltown, Iowa

SSgt. Nisely was assigned to the 1st Battalion, 133rd Infantry, Army National Guard, Iowa Falls, Iowa; died Sept. 30 of injuries sustained when his vehicle received small arms fire during security operations in Asad, Iraq. Also killed was Spc. Kampha B. Sourivong.

Staff Sergeant Scott Nisely of Marshalltown and Kampha Sourivong of Iowa City died over the weekend in an insurgent attack. Both soldiers were members of the 1-33rd infantry based in Iowa Falls. Over the weekend, the infantry was trying to provide safe passage to a convoy traveling through Al-Asad west of Baghdad. That's when they came upon an insurgent vehicle.

"When the vehicle was disabled, three got out, one surrendered, two ran. At that point the two that ran opened fire and firefight ensued" said Lieutenant Colonel Gregory Hapgood with the Iowa National Guard.

Nisely and Sourivong were the only two injured and killed in the attack. "Truly we are a 9,700 member family and this hurts all of us" Hapgood said.

And whether it's a family of thousands or just a couple of dozen postal workers, the loss hits homes. Staff Sergeant Nisely was also a postal worker in Marshalltown. Today coworkers of Scott Nisely paused for a half hour to share stories about their coworker. One of those workers, Kim Wright, told us Nisely was a devoted father and husband.. But above all, she says he was a patriotic man. This was actually his second tour of duty.

"The last time he served and came back. Now it's gonna be tough" said Wright.

Army Staff Sgt. Scott E. Nisely was killed in action on 09/30/06.

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It is only when you are safe at home, that heroes can be honored properly.