Saturday, September 30, 2006

Army Cpl. Robert F. Weber

Remember Our Heroes

Army Cpl. Robert F. Weber, 22, of Cincinnati, Ohio

Cpl. Weber was assigned to the 1st Battalion, 37th Field Artillery Regiment, 25th Infantry Division, Fort Lewis, Wash.; died Sept. 30 as a result of a vehicle roll-over near the Qayyarah West Airfield, Iraq, (about 30 miles south of Mosul, Iraq)

Army honors fallen comrade
PRICE HILL - Six Army pallbearers adjusted the flag draping Cpl. Robert Weber's casket.

As the Stars and Stripes were smoothed, mourners inside Holy Family Church sang "America, the Beautiful." Three hundred voices put these lyrics to music Monday: "O beautiful for heroes proved in liberating strife.

"Who more than self their country loved, and mercy more than life!"

The words paid a fitting tribute to the man whom family and friends called Bobby.

Weber, a 22-year-old Delhi Township native, died Sept. 30 during his second tour of duty in Iraq.

"Bobby loved the military," the Rev. Mark Burger told mourners during Weber's funeral Mass. "He found a way to serve . . . this nation."

On his last mission, Weber served as the gunner aboard a Humvee. After the vehicle's driver swerved unexpectedly, the Humvee hit an embankment and flipped, killing Weber.

Weber's final homecoming spurred an outpouring of salutes throughout the West Side.

The marquee outside his alma mater, Dater High School, honors the member of the class of 2003 with this message: "Out of our lives. But not our hearts."

From the church to Weber's final resting place in St. Joseph (New) Cemetery, the funeral procession saw street-side salutes from students and pedestrians,

Dan Boller, a Cincinnati firefighter, brought his two young sons in a flag-festooned red wagon. "We just wanted to pay our respects,'' he said. "These guys over in Iraq make it possible for us to raise children and be free in America."

At the graveside service, Weber received a 21-round salute from part of a 10-man funeral detail from Fort Knox. At high noon, a soldier played taps.

Across the street from the cemetery, car-repair work at the Delhi Import Service ceased. Air wrenches and mallets fell silent.

At the gravesite, Weber's parents, Kathy and Martin Weber, received his Bronze Star, his Army Commendation Medal and a tenderly folded American flag.

Both parents sobbed, clutching the flag that graced the casket of their only child.

After the funeral, a lone red rose rested upon the casket. The rose came with a request.

Weber's parents asked the grave diggers to pluck the rose's petals and sprinkle them into the grave.

"We'd be honored to answer that request," said Joe Windt, the cemetery superintendent heading the three-man burial crew.

"After what those guys go through in Iraq, it's the least we can do."

Army Cpl. Robert F. Weber was killed in action on 09/30/06.

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Anonymous said...

Bobby was a character, joker, etc.
I think he joined the Army so people would respect him, he got picked on a
lot. RIP Bobby