Monday, July 18, 2011

Army Sgt. Omar A. Jones

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Army Sgt. Omar A. Jones, 28, of Crook, Colo.

Sgt Jones was assigned to 126th Chemical Battalion, 92nd Troop Command, Nebraska Army National Guard, Wahoo, Neb.; died July 18, 2011 in Balkh province, Afghanistan, of injuries received in a noncombat incident.

Sgt Jones grew up in Mississippi before moving with his family to Colombia. They later moved back to Cheyenne, WY when he was 14.

He graduated from Crook High School in 2001, where he was active in wrestling and football. He turned down a football scholarship to Colorado State, choosing to enter the Army instead.

Sgt Jones completed his active duty tour. He later joined the Nebraska National Guard in 2005, as an infantry scout. Wanting to serve in Iraq and Afghanistan, he transferred through several Nebraska units, where he worked as a truck driver in National Guard Transportation companies.

He served two tours in Iraq, one in the infantry and one in a transportation unit. In this deployment to Afghanistan, he was with an engineering unit.

Sgt Jones met his future wife, Ava, in 2001, after his brother married her sister. They married December 8, 2008. They have two children.

According to his wife, Sgt Jones was killed four days before he was due to come home on leave.

"Sgt. Omar Jones was a very caring person," said Capt. Chris Pelchat, 623rd Eng. Co., commander. "He would go out of his way to help anyone. His presence always brought a smile to all around him and his sense of humor kept the soldiers in high spirits. He truly was a great person to have in the 623rd Engineer Co. He always went above and beyond any task that was given to him."

Sgt Jones was laid to rest at Fort McPherson National Cemetery.

Sgt Jones is survived by his mother and adoptive father, Luz and Dennis; father, Daniel; wife, Ava and their children, Airiana and Malachi; brothers, Ethan, Christopher, John and Paul.

Army Sgt. Omar A. Jones was killed in a non-combat incident on 7/18/11.

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