Saturday, May 28, 2011

Army Pvt Adam Armstrong

Remember Our Heroes

Pvt Adam Armstrong died on May 28, 2011 while serving his country in Katterbach, Germany.

Pvt Armstrong graduated from Spanish Fork High School where he learned and loved to speak and write fluent Japanese.

Pvt Armstrong joined the Army during his last year of high school. He did his basic training at Fort Sill, Oklahoma and AIT training as an Apache helicopter mechanic, at Fort Eustis, VA. After AIT, he was then sent to his permanent duty station in Germany.

Pvt Armstrong met the love of his life, Gina Buckwalter, in high school. He could not wait to start his life with Gina and felt their wedding was not happening soon enough.

When asked by Angel Kim if she could tell us something about her son, stepmom, Kimberlee, had this to say:

Oh man where to begin???? His love was Japanese. Reading it, writing it, speaking it. He liked to cook, but was not very good at it. I think it was my fault that he thought he was, I could not tell him it wasn't. Video games AHHHH!!! Even his friends from Germany talked about the long weekend playing games. He loved to read, We would take turnes reading the same books. i wouldn't let him read it first because he would always spoil it for me on purpose. He loved to draw and write stories. Impossible math problems and science "used to make my head hurt" He loved riding his bike, he never got his licence. He was a huge fan of Sprite and Skittles and anything that I baked :) And seafood :P "yuck"

He loved animals. Oh my gosh he loved to suprise you catch you off guard, scare you he thought it was hillarious. He always loved the Army, and he loved his helicopters, I mean loved them!!! He loved antiques. HAHAHA James says farting contests with his dad!

He liked to be challenged and like doing impressions. He LOVED to sew crazy hats. Electronics, oh man, even Sgt. Moerhing gave him the nickname Smeagle "from lord of the rings" because Adam considered his phone and computer his precious ha. He loved church. You know what he didnt like poop scoopin horse poop. He loved to give crazy hugs and to sleep in late and stay up late. Wow I'm going to stop because I could go on for hours probably. But it was nice to think about it, thank you.

Adam is survived by his dad and stepmom, James and Kim; sister, Camille.

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