Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Army Maj. Evan J. Mooldyk

Remember Our Heroes

Army Maj. Evan J. Mooldyk, 47, of Danville, Calif.

Major Mooldyk was assigned to 19th Sustainment Command, 377th Theater Sustainment Command, Belle Chasse, La.; died Jan. 12, 2011 in Khowst province, Afghanistan, in a noncombat-related incident.

He had been in Afghanistan for one year and was supposed to come back home to Danville in just two weeks. Mooldyk also served a year in Iraq while he was a member of the National Guard five years ago.

Dear Leslie, Connor, Quinn and Kelly, I'm so very sad to hear about your loss. Your husband and dad sounds like an incredible guy. Reading the article brought tears to my eyes and a heaviness to my heart this morning.

It's hard enough to celebrate holidays, birthdays or even just a quiet evening at home when you've got someone you love so very far from home. The one thread you've hung onto for nearly a year was that this sadness would be replaced with joy once he came home again and your family could once again establish "normal" with him nearby.

As a member of the National Guard family, it's common to feel like the entire world goes on without the knowledge of what your family is going through because Rancho Murieta is not near a regular Army base where others share your loneliness and worries. Going to Home Depot to pick up things to help keep the house looking great, or out to dinner without "dad" seems strange when you look around and see other men accompany their wives and children on these daily chores that no one gives much thought to. It's only another family that has a loved one away that can understand how out of place daily chores feel when your guy is missing.

It's with extreme sadness that your time without your soldier has ended without a joyous homecoming. Your family has indeed given the ultimate sacrifice of service to our country. Those words sometimes sound hollow especially at a time like this, but in the big picture, he did the work he believed in. The time he spent away from his family was a gift of what a dedicated citizen of our nation will offer in order to serve the values that make our nation great. For that, I thank you. Debra Lind, a.k.a., Mrs. Major Stephen Lind, California Army National Guard, (deployed).

He is survived by his wife Leslie, sons Connor 15, Quinn 13, and daughter Kelly 19.

Army Maj. Evan J. Mooldyk was killed in a non-combat related incident on 1/12/11.

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