Thursday, April 22, 2010

Army Staff Sgt. Christopher D. Worrell

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Army Staff Sgt. Christopher D. Worrell, 35, of Virginia Beach, Va.

SSgt. Worrell was assigned to the 702nd Combat Support Battalion, 4th Stryker Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division, Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Wash.; died April 22, 2010 in Baghdad, Iraq, of injuries sustained in a non-combat-related incident.

Chris Worrell loved being in the Army. In the 13 years since he signed up, the 35-year-old loved everything he did, his brother said.

“He planned on it being what he did with his life,” Patrick Worrell said. “He was just very happy to serve.”

Chris Worrell died Thursday in Baghdad, the Department of Defense announced Sunday.

The release said SSGT. Christopher Worrell died of “injuries sustained during a non-combat related incident” but did not provide additional information.

His brother, in a phone interview Sunday, said it’s not yet clear how he died.

Staff Sgt. Worrell, was assigned to the 702nd Combat Support Battalion, 4th Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division, Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Wash.

Chris was born and raised in Virginia Beach and graduated from Green Run High School in 1995, his brother said.

Several family members – including mother, Deborah Worrell, brother Patrick , and a sister – still live in the city.

He signed up for the Army two years after graduation.

“He just decided that’s what he wanted to do,” Patrick Worrell said. “He talked about wanting to do it, talked to a recruiter, and joined up.”

Chris Worrell, an automated logistical specialist, completed his initial training at Fort Jackson, S.C., and his advanced training at Fort Lee.

He was then transferred to Fort Lewis, Wash., where he spent most of his career, according to a release from Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington.

His family said that he had served in Korea and was in the midst of his third tour in Iraq.

His latest deployment to Iraq began in September.

During his time in the Army, SSgt. Worrell received numerous awards, including two Army Commendation Medals and four Army Achievement Medals.

He said the family is planning a funeral service in Washington state as well as a local memorial service in Virginia.

Chris Worrell's family released a statement to late Sunday night.

"Christopher will live on through the people he helped, the service he believed in, the country he stood for and in the hearts he touched," the statement said. "Christopher is a beloved husband, father, son, brother and friend. After graduating from Green Run High School in 1995, Christopher joined the Army in 1997. He was a dedicated soldier for 12 years who was proud to serve our country and took great pride in what he did and the men and women he served with." Other than this statement, SSgt. Worrell's family did not want to talk any further about the incident. No other statements will be released to the press or media according to

The statement said SSgt. Worrell is survived by his wife Laura and two sons, ages 12 and 5 of WA.; his parents Deborah S. Worrell and Kevin Rand; a sister and brother Patrick all of Virginia Beach, Virginia.

A funeral and burial will be held in Washington state. A memorial service will be held in Virginia Beach. Arrangements are still being made.

Army Staff Sgt. Christopher D. Worrell was killed in a non-combat related incident on 4/22/10.


Anonymous said...

SSG Worrell was a good man and a great leader. I worked with him for 4 years and directly under him for 2. He took his job serious but he always had time to joke around. He was smart and funny and most important loved what he did. Chris you made a huge impact on my life and i will never forget the things you taught me. R.I.P

Love KJ

Anonymous said...

He was a great friend, a hell of a NCO and just a good person. He rarely got upset and was always there when you needed him. We served in Korea, WA, and Iraq together. You were always there for me and I wish I could've been there for you when you needed it. You will be remembered through all those you have touched on your journey through this life. I miss you buddy. But you live on, just in a better place. Rest in peace.

Love Sean

Anonymous said...

It has been a few months since you have passed, and everyone remembers you. I think of you with a tear in my eye knowing you were a great leader and a great friend. There have been a few times when I am on post that I think I see your car but I remember that you aren't with us anymore and I know that you are in a place with no pain and nothing but happy memories.. RIP SSG Worrell, your soldiers miss you

Anonymous said...

SSG Worrell, you are still the man. I can't count how many times you went above and beyond to help me keep the XO's truck in good running order. You were and excellent leader and we are proud to have served with you.

May angels bring you in

Anonymous said...

Chris you were an amazing man. Even though your gone, I still have the habit of looking for you. You were an outstanding leader, nco, mentor, and friend. You taught me so much, and I will take it with me to the deepest of valleys. May you rest with the angels above...and keep the lights on for me.