Thursday, February 18, 2010

Navy SEAL Special Operator 2nd Class Ronald Tyler Woodle

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Special Operator 2nd Class Ronald Tyler Woodle, age 26, a US Navy SEAL, passed away February 18, 2010 on a training incident near Key West, Florida. He was one of the members of a small group of Navy SEALs who were engaged in dive training in the waters near Key West. Tyler was born in Asheville, North Carolina and was home schooled until high school and was a star soccer player at Asheville Christian Academy.

A search team found Woodle within minutes. He was unconscious and CPR was initiated. Woodle was transported Lower Keys Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. The Navy said a complete investigation into the incident has begun. UPDATE: Cause of death has been determined to be drowning

"Petty Officer Ronald Woodle was developing into an exceptional operator and was dedicated to the SEAL ethos. Our hearts go out to his family and friends in this very difficult time," said Capt. Colin Kilrain, commander of Naval Special Warfare Group 2. "His loss is felt by the entire special warfare community."

The Navy SEAL was identified as 26 year-old Ronald Tyler Woodle of Waynesville, North Carolina. He was one of the members of a small group of Navy SEALs who were engaged in dive training in the waters near Key West. A news release, according to the article, said that Woodle was reported missing by a teammate at around 9 AM. Woodle was recovered in minutes, although he was already unconscious. He was pronounced dead at the Lower Keys Hospital.

Woodle was “a star soccer player at Asheville Christian Academy, scoring 72 goals during his years there.” He enjoyed a soccer scholarship for two years while attending Mars Hill College and then worked in construction.

Woodle enlisted in the Navy in 2007 with the intention of joining the Navy SEALs. He became part of a SEAL team based in the East Coast in October 2009. He was undergoing “intensive training in preparation for deployment overseas.”

Woodle's mother says he was always the consummate gentleman, even in competitive sports he would stop and help up other players that fell during soccer matches. Growing up he loved video games, music and movies. No matter how bad the movie was he'd watch every one he could find.

"When I think of Tyler I think of his smile, he had such a big smile and a beautiful heart," said his mother Kathi.

"Petty Officer Woodle was an example of a generation of young Americans who have unselfishly answered our nation's call over the past nine years. He was a professional Sailor and an exceptional SEAL operator who embodied the best of what America represents. He will be truly missed, and our condolences go out to his family," said his commanding officer.

He is survived by his parents, Ronald McNair and Kathi Hyatt Woodle; two sisters, Jerica Woodle of Greenville, South Carolina and Sumer Christenbury and her husband, Craig, of Statesville, North Carolina; a niece, Ava Bella Christenbury; paternal grandmother, Betty Anderson Woodle of Rock Hill, SC and maternal grandmother, Laura Phillips Hyatt, of Waynesville; and numerous uncles, aunts, and cousins.

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Anonymous said...


You were the frst born to very proud parents Ronnie and Kathi Woodle they are as proud of you today as they were the first time they laid eye's on you. You were smart, soccer champ, and a loyal
SEAL. You accomplished the ultimate of extreme's, you defied the odds of what the human body can do. You accomplished the ultimate elite training, you are a Navy SEAL!!!!

Your mom and dad miss you more than words could ever say, the pain never ends and the tears seem to be endless. The only comfort they can find is knowing they will be joining you again in Heaven one day.

Ronnie and Kathi can not understand how anyone could go through something so painful without the support of
God/Jesus. God has been faithful to them, he is their source of strength through so much pain. They do have peace in their heart knowing that it doesn't have to end here on earth, the promise of tomorrow with Jesus for eternity where there is no more pain, no more sadness, why would you not choose Jesus?

This world isn't going to be around much longer! Are you ready?

Do you know where you are going when you die, are you helping prepare your loved ones by making sure they are right with God/Jesus so you can all be together again one day?

Tyler you have touched so many lives with your smile, your kindness, and your will to achieve, all of us love and miss you more than you will ever know! You left great memories in the hearts that knew you, you will NEVER be forgotten!