Thursday, November 08, 2007

Air Force Senior Airman Kenneth P. Hauprich, Jr.

Remember Our Heroes

Air Force Senior Airman Kenneth P. Hauprich, Jr., 22, Jamestown, Ohio.

Air Force Senior Airman Kenny Hauprich of Fairborn, Ohio was a 2004 graduate of Greeneview High School where he wrestled, played football, sang in the choir, earned As and Bs, had perfect attendance for at least three years and loved being in plays.

He was also a counselor at Camp Kern. His smile, bright blue eyes and sparkling personality made it hard not to instantly like him. He had a way to make the room light up when he was around. Even when he got into trouble and was sent to his room he would never stay in it because he hated for someone to be mad or upset at him.

His favorite saying was "Remember that I am the good one".

Kenny always gave 150% of himself in everything that he did, whether it was him wrestling as one of the smallest one on the team to practicing with the heavy weights. This motivation carried over to everything he did from making employee of the month the second month he worked at Wendy's, or making Senior Airman below zone.

He had a zest for life that was impeccable! He had dreams that someday he would play football and that he did: not only did he play on the Junior high football team where he did get to shine. Kenny was small in size and didn't get much playing time but he put his heart into every practice where he gave the star players the practice they needed. It was not unusual to see Kenny run out on the field just to get the kicking tee.

Kenny left to go into the Air Force and not only did he become a man but he did grow to over 6 feet tall. He was stationed at Aviano AB where they saw him as an awesome athlete. His nick name was "Gazelle" because he was so quick. He played for the NFL Italy team where he was the starting receiver.

Kenny was doing what he wanted to do his entire life and that was to follow in his father's and mother's footsteps and serve his country as an Airman in the United States Air Force. His twin sister, also is in the military.

As with all his endeavors Kenny was a steller Airman!

He was preceded in death by his Grandfather Ronald Duncan. He died along with four other military personnel when the helicopter crashed near the city of Treviso. He was 22.

Air Force Senior Airman Kenneth P. Hauprich, Jr. was killed in a helicopter crash on 11/08/07.


Anonymous said...

Kenny was an amazing brother! I miss him so much and I only hope that I can be the Airman that he was! I love you kenny RIP big brother

anonymous said...

I will keep you and your family in my heart and prayers