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Marine Cpl. Timothy D. Roos

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Marine Cpl. Timothy D. Roos, 21, of Cincinnati, Ohio

Cpl Roos was assigned to the 3rd Battalion, 8th Marine Regiment, 2nd Marine Division, II Marine Expeditionary Force, Camp Lejeune, N.C.; died July 27 from wounds received while conducting combat operations in Anbar province, Iraq.

DELHI TWP. - At the age of 21, Cpl. Timothy Roos had experienced more in life than many twice his age as a member of the Marine Corps: four major attacks in his three combat tours.

And just when it seemed that fate might treat him kindly as he neared the end of his latest tour, the native of Delhi Township came under fire again this week and was killed.

As a new Marine in 2004, Roos went to Haiti as part of an American deployment during political unrest there.

The following year he went to Iraq, where twice he came under fire.

In March, he was back in Iraq after a mere seven months of boots on the ground in the United States.

In late May, Roos stared death in the face again when the Humvee he was in ran over an improvised explosive device.

"The explosion shattered all the glass on the vehicle, popped all four doors open and sent shrapnel ripping through the engine," Roos was quoted as saying in the Marine Corp News May 25. "It's scary, and if you are not scared, there is something wrong with you. ... But it is our job, so you've got to do it."

And he did.

But more missions meant more risks. Just a few weeks ago Roos suffered second- and third-degree burns to his legs, arms and face from a rocket-propelled grenade attack.

The fatal attack came in Ramadi.

Roos enlisted straight out of high school. His big brother, Adam, said he wasn't blind to the dangers of life in the combat zone and military, but still spoke of re-enlisting.

"That's why he's my hero," Adam Roos said.

At 4 a.m. Friday, two Marines came to the Champdale Lane home where Roos grew up.

Friday was a blur of emotions for Adam and other members of the family, including Roos' wife of three years, Sara. Just two weeks ago, Sara Roos gave birth to the couple's daughter, Annaliese.

Timothy Roos was due back in Cincinnati in October for a brief leave after his tour so he could reconnect with childhood friends, Adam, Sara, other family members and his newborn baby girl.

"He was going to hold her for the first time," Adam Roos said.

He'd planned to go camping; he was going to go to Wisconsin to catch a Packers game.

"It's a family thing, every year," Adam Roos said.

Adam Roos broke down Friday when he spoke of his younger brother's becoming a Marine and marrying his Delhi Junior High School sweetheart, Sara, and other dreams that never materialized.

"He was a great Marine. He loved his job. He loved doing it," Adam said. "There really wasn't much that Tim wasn't proud of."

Roos graduated in 2003 from Oak Hills High School after completing the two-year auto technology program at Diamond Oaks.

"He just loved to work with things," said Rebecca Beckstedt, a public relations coordinator for the Great Oaks system. "This is just really hard for the school."

Marine Cpl. Timothy D. Roos was killed in action on 7/27/06.

Annaliese Roos

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