Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Navy Lt. Michael P. Murphy

Remember Our Heroes

Navy Lt. Michael P. Murphy, 29, of Patchogue, New York.

Lt. Murphy died while conducting counter-terrorism operations in Kunar Province, Afghanistan. Coalition forces located the sailor while conducting a combat search and rescue operation July 4, 2005 in Kunar Province. Murphy’s whereabouts had been unknown since June 28, 2005. He was assigned to SEAL Delivery Vehicle Team One, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

"Mike was an unbelievable, noble, polite gentleman and gave 110 percent of what he did," said friend Kristin Emmerich, also of Patchogue. "He was that type of guy. He went above and beyond. He was a protector."

Murphy was a member of a four-man SEAL team that was reported missing June 28 in Kunar province.

The military sent another of team of SEALs and Army Special Forces soldiers to rescue the four SEALS. But the transport Chinook helicopter they were in was shot down by a rifle-propelled grenade, killing the 16 troops aboard.

He was set to leave the Middle East in a few short months, then wed his fiancée in November and one day soon settle down far away from the war-torn mountains of Afghanistan.

Navy SEAL Lt. Michael Murphy of Patchogue had laid out the blueprint for his dream life. And his parents, anxious to share his dream, had savored the October day when they would greet and hug their eldest son at the airport.

But their reunion turned out to be unbearably painful and much earlier than expected.

The Murphys described yesterday how they traveled to Dover (Del.) Air Force Base on Wednesday to witness the plane carrying the American flag-draped coffin, that held their son's body, touch ground.

"He's our hero, and I think he is everybody else's hero," said Maureen Murphy, whose 29-year-old son was killed last month during a counterterrorism mission in Kunar Province.

Michael's dad added, "He knew it was dangerous, but he told us if something should happen, to know he died doing what he loved."

Together with their other son, John, a college freshman, the Murphys spoke publicly yesterday about their pride and grief.

"Michael, the Protector," is how Maureen and Daniel Murphy want their son, a former lifeguard, to be remembered.

"He squeezed more life in 29 years than I will ever see," said Daniel Murphy, a war veteran injured in combat during Vietnam. "He's such a caring, respectful, kind and considerate person."

The last contact Michael Murphy had with his parents was a Father's Day E-mail message to his dad.

Maureen Murphy described how her son fell in love with a Penn State University classmate, Heather Duggan. Both were athletes and grew to be close friends during seven years together, she said.

For four months, Murphy carried an engagement ring in his pocket, until he proposed near the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center in 2003.

Murphy's other love was the Navy, but he didn't want to make it his life. He hoped to work in the counterterrorism unit of the FBI, his father said.

Each time her son was deployed, an American flag made of tiny Christmas lights would light up the front window in the Murphy house. On Wednesday, the lights were out, as the Murphys made the mournful trip to Dover, but yesterday they were lighted again.

Maureen said she will keep her flag lit "till they [the troops] all come home, and pray they all walk off that plane."

Navy Lt Michael P. Murphy was killed in action on 06/28/05.


Flavio Cassini said...

Its Nice to know more of this brave soldiers life. I know that he realy inspires me to be a Navy SEAL one day, and serve this country proudly. Well so long Mike. May the wings of the angels take you to heaven and may God's sweet grace help you find eternal happiness.

1patriot said...

I've posted a short blog and a link to this site in honor of Lt. Murphy.

Expound Truth said...

Honorable Navy Lt. Michael P. Murphy displayed the resolve of a man who heard, and knew, the Word of Love. Its presence, and its eternity, was with him during his brave stand, it continues with him now, and for eternity. He is now embraced by the pure Love that strengthened him during his brave stand. Lt. Michael P. Murphy, without selfishness, stood his ground, and gave the gift of life so that others might live. A ground that was the foundation of his eternal home. God truly blessed Honorable Navy Lt. Michael P. Murphy.

Anonymous said...

Much Respect.
Men like him should never be forgotten.