Thursday, July 14, 2005

Army Staff Sgt. Tricia L. Jameson

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Army Staff Sgt. Tricia L. Jameson, 34, of Omaha, Nebraska.

SSG Jameson died in Trebil, Iraq. Jameson, a health care specialist was responding to a casualty incident when a secondary improvised explosive device detonated near her location. She was assigned to 313th Medical Company, Army National Guard, Lincoln, Nebraska.

SSG Jameson is remembered as someone who was dedicated to helping others. That's what Tricia Jameson was doing when she died last week.

The 34-year-old Jameson was serving as a medic in Iraq when a roadside bomb exploded near her ambulance.

Friends like Holly Freeman say Tricia thrived on adventure.

Holly says the two of them would push themselves to the limit when they would go skiing, "getting-up early, wearing yourself out, then going out and doing it again the next day."

Tricia applied that same sense of adventure to her job as an Army medic.

"She did, definitely. Wanted to go get her hands on some serious injuries and fix some things."

Tricia was killed by what the military refers to as an IED or improvised explosive device. At the time she was on her way to help a wounded solider. A similar incident last week killed another Army medic from Omaha. Eric Woods left behind a wife and a young son.

Ms. Freeman says, "The more we told her we didn't want her to go, the more she wanted to go."

Friends say Tricia loved to help people. When on leave she worked with developmentally disabled children.

Holly says, "She even carried a big huge medical kit in her car. She would have everything in there in case of a wreck or something. She would call me and say, 'I almost got to help someone but someone beat me there.' It's what she wanted."

Tricia Jameson graduated from Millard South High School in 1989.

Army Staff Sgt Tricia L. Jameson was killed in action on 07/14/05.

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