Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Army Specialist Jorge Estrada

Remember Our Heroes

Army Specialist Jorge Estrada was lucky enough to make it through the combat in Iraq long enough to get home on emergency leave to see his wife give birth to their new baby, who joined his wife’s other child by a previous relationship. Three days after seeing his daughter born, Estrada was murdered by his wifes former boyfriend over visitation rights.

The following was written by Major K who was serving in Iraq with Spc Estrada:

Jorge was a great Soldier and communications specialist. He was the total package; tough, disciplined, cheerful, a good marksman, and one of the few guys in the commo section that could work wonders with both encrypted radios and computers. I was telling our Operations Officer, Major D. tonight at dinner that he was the type of soldier that if every one in the unit was like him, a leader would never have any problems. Major D. responded that if one tenth of your soldiers were like him, that would still be the case. He made everyone around him better, just by example, and without fanfare or flamboyance. He was the consummate quiet professional. He never complained, usually because he was too busy cracking jokes while getting the job done…

…He was also the quality of man that his killer could never be. Recently married, Jorge was home on leave for the birth of his daughter. His wife had another daughter from a previous relationship with the killer, that Jorge was raising as his own. He was that type of guy. He did right by his woman, right by his kids, even when they weren’t his, and right by his country. He went above and beyond the call in every regard. I know that had he perceived a threat from this scumbag that sucker-shot him, I would not be writing this post now, because that scumbag would be in the hospital or jail, and Specialist Estrada would still be enjoying his leave with his wife and daughters.

He was expected back here in the sandbox in about two weeks. I will miss him as will all of us here. I pray that he rests well in Heaven, that his family finds peace, and that his murderer receives swift and severe justice.

Army Specialist Jorge Estrada was killed on 06/07/05.

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Diana said...

My husband served with him and if it were not for him on 7/18/2004 my husband would have not seen his daughter born. I thank you Spc. Jorge you will always be in our thoughts and heart.